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Doors to Future Resale Value

Doors to Future Resale Value

A Great Question About Closet Doors

A client who recently bought her home has been doing quite a bit of renovations to get the property updated and to her taste. She writes:

“Would I have better resale value by re-installing the sliding closet doors in the front bedroom or by replacing them with the same type of hinged doors that I put in the back bedroom?”

Closet doors shouldn’t make a difference in resale value. However, the hinged doors allow someone to access more of the closet at one time, and are a more modern style, so I would go with these. Also, they are simpler, and do not slide on a track like bifold or sliding doors. In our experience, such tracks always break, and/or the doors come off of them. The only slight downside to hinged doors is that they swing open into the room, so that must be considered.

Small details like closets that aren’t frustrating to open and interior trim features that seem more in-line with current trends may not make the appraiser add a little extra to your value. However, these certainly can be among those intangibles which make the difference to a buyer when deciding between properties.

Thanks for the question, Marie!