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The Dreaded Holiday Real Estate Slump

The Dreaded Holiday Real Estate Slump?

But, as with Santa, we have to wonder: Is it real, or imaginary?

In our opinion, the answer is a little bit of both. There is no question that as the holidays approach, buyers get caught up in preparing for the season. Also, some sellers may not want showings to take place, as they’re having parties and company at their houses. Agents are people too, and have their own holiday obligations and commitments as well.

However, it seems that many buyers, sellers, and agents too readily accept as fact that “real estate is going to slow down for the holidays”, so they themselves slow down. Thus, their belief brings about the very result they fear! What we have seen is that this belief is contagious. Sellers all too often decide to take their houses off the market and “wait until next year” or “hold off until the spring”, missing out on months of prime exposure. Buyers sometimes make the same mistake.

This holiday “can’t do” attitude is something we heartily disagree with. At this wonderful time of the year, we do not let up one bit in marketing our listings or working with our buyers. The result is that historically, the months of November and especially December have been among our very busiest ever!

Rather than looking at the holidays as a time when “everything is going to slow down”, we recognize the great opportunity it presents for buyers and sellers. People have time off of work, students are out of school, and those who are motivated seize this opportunity with gusto.

If you have a house to sell, let us put it on the market for you NOW. While others sit around “waiting till next year”, YOUR house can be getting all the activity!

If you’re a buyer, RIGHT NOW is the time to be looking. There is less competition from other buyers, meaning you’ll have more homes from which to choose.

Even though the holidays stay busy for us and our clients, we still do take time to enjoy all that they offer. No matter what, be sure you do the same, and set aside time for celebration, relaxation, family, friends, and God.

Have a blessed holiday season!