Details, Details, Details!

Details, Details, Details!

It is crucial to include as much information as possible when selling a house, as sometimes one key item makes all the difference.

Not long ago we listed a beautiful home. It was about 30 years old, but had been lovingly maintained. When listing the house, the seller was concerned about the walk-in bathtub which had been installed. They told us that the cost of doing so was $10,000.00! The seller feared that because the tub was not a common feature, it might turn off some buyers.

Our reply was that while not the most common type of tub, this was truly a top-quality fixture, and one which they certainly would not want to remove. We said it was quite possible that it would catch the attention of buyers who might very well need such a tub for themselves.

Only 8 days after listing the house, we received a full-price offer, and closed the sale soon afterwards. While communicating with the buyer’s agent, we learned that they had been hunting 6 months for a house which was suited for their elderly parent, who has special needs. Upon seeing this home’s wonderful tub, they immediately wrote their offer. It didn’t hurt that they loved the rest of the house too, but the tub is what clinched it.

Another well-maintained older home had been listed for 8 months with another agent. When the listing expired, the owners chose us to represent them. At the listing appointment, the owners gave us lots of information about the updated electrical panel, high efficiency AC system, solar shades, incredibly low utility bills, and many other great aspects of the house. We were amazed. When we asked why none of this was in their previous listing, they said the other agent had told them, “That stuff isn’t important!” We listed the house, and included all of its great features. The owners told us they had gotten more showings after 2 weeks with us than they had during the 8 months they were listed before! The house had many showings, received multiple offers, and successfully sold.

Details and information are VERY important to buyers, which is why we are so thorough in our listings. All it takes is that ONE right buyer to sell a house, and if they see up front that your home has the feature or features which they need, then they will look no further, and your house is sold.

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