Before and After

A House Reborn

One of the nicest things about real estate is seeing someone take an old house and give it new life with quality renovations, and a lot of love.

We recently had the pleasure of helping a client find an old house in a high demand area. Their list of needs and wants was detailed, and it took quite a while for the right property to come along. When it did however, we acted quickly, and though there were obstacles along the way, we got it closed.

The property was approximately 100 years old, and had decades of deferred maintenance. Wood rot, foundation issues, termites, problems with AC, plumbing, and electrical systems – these were all on the list of known defects. In spite of this, the house was very special, and provided our buyer exactly what they’d been looking for. At the same time, they had no illusions about the amount of work needed, or the cost.termiteAlmost immediately after closing, the contractor whom they had carefully chosen got to work. As they tore into the home, they discovered that the termite damage was even worse than expected, though it was not a complete surprise. Fully half of the framing had to be replaced. They completely gutted the interior, changing the floorplan to one which was more useful, spacious, and modern. Outside, 100% of the old wood siding was discarded, and the house re-covered with HardiePlank cement fiber siding. Windows were added, as were completely new AC units, knotty pine flooring, and much more. It was a complete remodel in the truest sense of the word.We got to visit the home recently when it was just about complete. Only a few cosmetic items were left to do. We were stunned by how beautiful it is. After having been in the house at the very start, seeing it renovated was almost like being in a different home. Yet, the charm and character of the house remain. The new owners put a lot of thought, care, and tasteful creativity into the renovations. What was an old, badly neglected home has been transformed into a showpiece.

Renovating a home in this manner is a huge plus for the owners, the neighbors, and the surrounding community as a whole. The appeal and value of the house are astronomically higher now, and this all carries over into elevating neighborhood property values and  appearance. Everyone benefits from such a transformation. It gave us a great feeling knowing that we’d played a part in making this possible. We can’t wait for the next one!

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